Saturday, March 22, 2008

From the Hotel Roanoke

The Hotel Roanoke
It's a beautiful morning in the Roanoke Valley of Southwest Virginia. I'm relaxing with a bit of room service in my beautifully renovated room at the Hotel Roanoke.  Ran into some good folks from Philly last night including the McGarveys from Ursinus and former St. Joe's coach John Griffin.  We watched Villanova storm back and stun Clemson (and me) last night.

Coach Griffin will be on the call for CSTV for today's Division III Men's Basketball Championship game.  we exchanged noted on the Amherst-Wash U matchup and reminisced a bit about his days leading the Hawks.  Thanks to Coach Paige Moir and all the great folks at Roanoke College for the great post-game spread last night.

I'll be over at th Salem Civic Center most of the day.  Catch all the action at!

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