Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Imagine That

  St. Tropez 
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Ashley Alexandra Dupre has already posed naked!!!!  I am shocked.  And apparently GGW producer Joe Francis had no idea he already owned 'hours' of footage of Eliot Spitzer's $4300 career crasher.  I guess if you had Francis's legal problems you might forget Dupre, but I think If I had the footage every college guy and pervy governor is looking for I might remember it.

Francis apparently forgot Dupre's  2003 18th birthday debacle in Miami Beach when the Jackson, NJ teen got thrown out of her hotel after a fight with a friend and then joined the GGW bus for a week.  I generally avoid bus transportation, but I might consider this one.  Anyway, somebody in the GGW empire remembered the now-infamous Dupre's body of work from the bus and saved Francis ac cool $1 million.

My guess is that she'll still get a deal from the bunny mag.  The GGW website is like $30 for a month.  Or so I have heard.  The bunny magazine is a few bucks.  And it has great articlesHef's got the change.  He'll put it up to give horny American men a cut-rate look at the Girl Who Went Brought Down the Spitz.

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