Thursday, March 13, 2008

My RealAge

My RealAge

                            Calendar Age                            

Ok.  So I am not as healthy as I could be.  Big minus points for:

Low unsaturated fat
Flossing habits
Lycopene levels
Low vegetable intake
Folic acid intake
High resting heart rate
Lack of flexibility exercises
Workout schedule
Potassium levels
Low grain intake
Low omega-3 intake
Low fruit servings
Unsafe driving practices
Cell phone use
Driving speeds
Aspirin use
Lack of daily breakfast
Calcium intake
Vitamin E intake
Have cholesterol level measured
Strength training level

I'm amazed that given my history of stress (marriage) that the numbers aren't worse.

The quiz that put a numerical figure on what I already knew is fairly lengthy but VERY COOL.  You can try it out here.  Let me know what your RealAge is!


Hillary Chybinski said...

Calendar Age - 40.1
Real Age - 40.6
Not too bad - off to get some Potassium and Vitamin E. Oh right - and exercise!! LOL

Jennifer said...

Calendar Age - 34.4
Real Age - 34.4
I need to eat some fruits and vegetables. Damn it.
I am pretty much a stranger to you, but happened to check out your blog via mutual friend Pat. This entry caught my eye because I have been making some health changes in the past year. I would like to think I probably gained myself some additional time here on earth by my recent lifestyle changes...
So, thanks for sharing!
BTW...I have actually made it beyond just one post on my blog. So thanks for the initial greeting.