Thursday, March 13, 2008

My RealAge

My RealAge

                            Calendar Age                            

Ok.  So I am not as healthy as I could be.  Big minus points for:

Low unsaturated fat
Flossing habits
Lycopene levels
Low vegetable intake
Folic acid intake
High resting heart rate
Lack of flexibility exercises
Workout schedule
Potassium levels
Low grain intake
Low omega-3 intake
Low fruit servings
Unsafe driving practices
Cell phone use
Driving speeds
Aspirin use
Lack of daily breakfast
Calcium intake
Vitamin E intake
Have cholesterol level measured
Strength training level

I'm amazed that given my history of stress (marriage) that the numbers aren't worse.

The quiz that put a numerical figure on what I already knew is fairly lengthy but VERY COOL.  You can try it out here.  Let me know what your RealAge is!

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