Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer Quits

882385 In one of the most expected political moved in decades, New York governor Eliot Spitzer called it quits today.  The guv with the straight arrow image made attacking Wall Street and financial aid officers was ultimately shown to be a fraud.  His image was a sham, his reality was paying $4300 a pop to hookers.A guy who held all around him to the highest of moral, legal and ethical standards was himself a criminal.

And a stupid one at that.

This guy transferred as much as $80,000 to sham corporations that were refuges for high-priced prostitution rings.  He should have known better, as it was Spitzer's own 2001 investigations into mob-money laundering that set up the electronic safety net that ultimately snared him. Apparently the FBI had been checking him out since 2007.

This whole thing is a mess.  He regularly traveled to DC, checked into high-priced hotelsslipped his security detail and then had to pay to hook up with Kristen.  I'm not saying he's a scumbag because he went to a hooker.  That's his business.  And his wife's.  And his daughters'.  I'm saying he's a scumbag because he made a career throwing prostitutes, financiers and everyone else he could think of into jail while he held himself above the law.

And yeah.  I guess humiliating your family is pretty freaking low too.  I wonder if Jim McGreevey's divorce lawyer is available?


Anonymous said...

well written. and i am sure kristen is a great artist, right?!

Chris said...

An accomplished musician as I understand it from the NY Post today!

Hillary Chybinski said...

someday men will realize that those decisions made with the smaller head are not always sound decisions. . .fun - yes. . .sound. . .not so much. . .LOL.
ps - as for the wife - she will write a book and be on Oprah within the next year and not have a care in the world.