Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wash U Rocks Amherst

Wash U Rocks Amherst
As Sweet Caroline plays over the sound system at the Salem Civic Center, The Washington University Bears celebrate their first Men's Basketball National Championship. They downed the Amherst Lord Jeffs 90-68 in a game they dominated from the tip.

Tournament MVP Troy Ruths had 33 points in the victory while Fletcher Walters had 17 for the losers.


PCole said...

Chris -- thanks so much for making the trip. We appreciated your insight on all four games. Great to have some real X's and O's analysis instead of us schlub play-by-play guys trying to moonlight. :)

Chamomiles Davis said...

I picked Washington U in my bracket. Sweet!
Seriously, congrats to the Bears. Regardless of your division, it's good to be the champs.

Chris said...

Believe it or not I did a D3 bracket and did not have the Bears in the final four. It was a wonderful thing to be even a small part of. Standing on the floor as the confetti rained down and the fireworks went off was really cool.