Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

I spent some time at home yesterday and thought about all the things that make it 'my' space.  In that vein, a home-based Fantastic Four for this week:

What are your four favorite things about where you live?

  1. The location - I love Moorestown.  I like the downtown area, I like the proximity to the kid's schools and to Philly.  It's just plain beautiful at times.  While I am looking for a new place and want to stay I know I may need to give this up to get something larger.  That's kind of hard to deal with.

  2. The back yard.  Almost 1/3 of an acre of grass and trees for the kids to play and me to relax.

  3. Big windows - looking out on the back yard!

  4. The patio - it's old and cracked and broken, but it's a great place to grill or picnic, or just to enjoy a book and the nice weather!

So what's great about the place you call home?

Everybody have a great weekend!


gootman said...

Well location (Folcroft) certainly isn't one of them but I do like:
1. Porch - best thing about the house, the previous owner was a bricklayer that helped build Delmar Village and the porch he built is great.
2. Detatched Garage - again, gotta love the bricklayers
3. Side yard - Not many row homes have as much yard as I do.
4. End Unit - more windows and less attached neighbors

Hillary Chybinski said...

1. Deep window sills and big picture window in the front. The kids love to sit up there and look at the people go by.
2. Yard - big yard for the kids to run around.
3. Location - Ritas and a playground within walking distance - a 7 11, 3 take out places and 2 restaraunts - all within walking distance. Chectnut Hill is only 1/2 hour walk.
4. The potential. . .it's a wealth of possibilities with great bones!