Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Phils Go Green

I tuned into the Phils-Padres game tonight and thought the Phils looked a bit odd in their green hats. 



So I did some poking around and found this:

Very cool! A green energy baseball team!


JimmyDelco said...

So, what is it that they did? they gave money to the EPA? The story says that it is "equalivant to planting 100000 trees". But they didn't plant any trees, right? Unless someone can set me straight, the Phils paid a buttload of money to say that they are "Green".

Anonymous said...

Jim -
I know that they agreed to buy 200 mega watt hours of electricity that is produced from wind, solar and hydro sources. They're eschewing the coal fired generators like the one in Eddystone and the nukes like Peach Bottom.
The tree thing comes from the amount of carbon and hydrocarbon soot that they won't be responsible for sending into the air from coal plants. And yes it costs more. But not a whole lot more anymore. The 'green choices are coming down in price and coal is at an all-time high.
All in all, it's a publicity stunt, but one that has at its heart that we can all do a part to make the air cleaner.

PCole said...

Not Dallas Green?
Not Tyler Green?

Hillary Chybinski said...

Thank You. . .I was flipping channels - I RARELY ever actually stop on a baseball game. . .but the green hats caught my eye. . .I figure some sort of Earth Day/Week Go Green publicity stunt. . .and now I know! What on earth would I do without my cadre of internet friends??? I would know nothing!!LOL

Matt P. said...

Regardless, wearing green hats other than on St. Paddy's Day is obviously cursed and should never be done again.