Friday, April 04, 2008

The End of an Era

  Le Bec-Fin 
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Apparently the magic has run out at Philly's 5-star Le Bec FinChannel 6, WPVI-TV is promoting a "blockbuster" announcement on the Georges Perrier attraction that started the restaurant revolution on Philadelphia. is reporting that the story is that the Walnut Street flagship will likely close.  Recent reports have noted fairly small dinner crowds and the end of the $100 price fix lunch.

I've never had dinner there and I am sorry to have missed it, but the lunches were something very special!


Le Bec Fin won't close, but Perrier will acknowledge that restaurant dining has changed.  He's giving back his stars, going to an a la carte menu, dropping the lavish table trappings and shooting for a younger crowd.  Lighter fare will also be part of the overhaul.

The last time Perrier did an overhaul, he spent $1 million to re-make the Center City jewel in his restaurant crown and became the only chef ever to win back a lost star from Michelin.  My guess is that this set of changes will be less successful, but will save the Perrier flagship.  I'll try to get there soon to let you know first hand how the changes come off.


Dan said...

This summer. Me, You, Mar, & Char.

Chris said...

Skipping the electric bill that month?