Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Prettier View of Maine

  Camden Harbor 
  Originally uploaded by Cavalier92

Another Delco Guy spent the day driving up the coast of Maine from Portland as far as Camden.  It was a gray and rainy day north of Portland, but the sun broke through on the way back south. 

The highlight of the day was getting to photograph the harbors of Rockport and Camden as well as wandering along Route 1.  We had a few good brews from Sheepscot Valley Brewing at Sarah's in Wiscasset.  I particularly liked the Pemaquid Ale, which the bartender described as being "made by some guy in the next town in his barn."  Best barn-made beer I've had in a while.

We're resting up watching Casino Royale right now, and then may see if there is any nightlife to be had in The Old Port.

Is this picture prettier, Matt?

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