Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Whole Different Delco Guy in Hot Water

  Bob and Larry 
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Fellow Delco Guy Larry Mendte, anchor on CBS3's evening newscasts and husband of Channel 29 anchor (and super hottie) Dawn Stensland, is in hot water with the FBI. is reporting that the FBI is investigating Mendte for possibly reading former co-worker Alycia Lane's private email.  On Thursday, FBI agents seized Mendte's personal computer at his home.  His lawyer confirmed it.  You might remember Alycia Lane from her own e-mail scandal where she sent racy pictures to sportscaster Rich Eisen, whose wife found them.  Oh.  and that incident with the NYC cop.

This looks bad.  First, the feds do A LOT of homework before they make a move.  They're darn sure they have Mendte here.  Secon, he's a journalist and they took his personal computer.  That's a pretty touchy area and I've got to think that the judge issuing the search warrant gave this some careful review.

Why do I care beyond the obvious prurient interest?  Mendte grew up in Lansdowne, Delaware County and went to nearby Monsignor Bonner High School. He's always seemed like a good guy to me.  I can't imagine why a guy like him would get involved in a mess like this.  He's off the air at CBS3 right now, but his bio is still up on the website.  So was Alycia Lane's for a week or so before she got her walking papers.


PCole said...

I doubt an anchor had anything on his laptop that would violate the freedom of the press when seized. Anchors don't report stories.

Chris said...

He actually did do a bit of reporting in the area. he's off the air for now until this is cleared up. Which means probably a while.