Saturday, May 10, 2008

Are You Kidding ME???

Duggar This is just insane.  An Arkansas woman and her husband have 17 kids.  And they are expecting another.  The Duggar Family announced it yesterday on the Today show.  The kids, who had just given their mom 'normal' non pregnant clothes and a coffee maker that won't get used now, looked stunned.  There was a very touching sickly sweet story about how great it is to have such a large family and commercial grade appliances and all.  And how they have to schedule 5 minute personal time with mom.  Real quality time.  Just not quantity.

Very normal.  The father talked about how wonderful it was that every 9 months they got a gift from God.  Yo dad, even the Catholic Church endorses the rhythm method these days.  It's no secret why those 'gifts' come come every 9 months, your horny dog.

The family also has a show on the Discovery Health channel.  And a beautiful house.  I wonder if Discovery pays by the kid ....?

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Hillary Chybinski said...

Dear God - how can she hear herself think???? LOL