Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chevy Goes Old School

  camaro 002 
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Spyshots are beginning to appear of the next generation of Chevy's mid-level  muscle car.  The new Camaro will debut in late 2009 as a 2010 model and has been testing recently in Germany after many months on the auto show circuit as a concept model. This version will have huge 20 inch wheels, a bold nose design, and a slick back end.

It looks nothing like the classic 1979 model.  To me it looks like a cross between a Dodge Challenger SRT8 and a Ford Mustang.  At between 20 and 30k, it fits in the same price range as well. 

I think I prefer the old model.  I know car designs tend to converge toward a mean, but I like the classic muscle car styling rather than the 21st century version.  At 13 MPG or so, the 400 to 500 HP models won't be cheap to run, but some of the lower end models may push the fuel economy numbers up as high as 23 or so.



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