Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Emma is Famous!!!

Last year, Emma and John went to Chicago to visit their Aunt Jen.

While there, they toured the Wrigley Field area and John saw a Cubs game.

Apparently, Emma was also caught on camera by WGN playing catch in front of the local firehouse.  The clip made the WGN special "Celebrating 60 Years of the Chicago Cubs on WGN-TV" that aired on Saturday night.

Here's the clip:

My little princess is famous!!!


p said...

awwww, priceless!

PCole said...

Nice! Who's that she's playing catch with?

Chris said...

He's a family friend who spends a lot of time outside Wrigley catching balls that fly out of the park.

Matt P. said...


PCole said...

A ball hawk, cool. :)

Hillary Chybinski said...

AWESOME!!! She is so cute!