Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

You could see this one coming I am sure.

294455173_43042195e2What are the four best things about Memorial Day Weekend?

  1. Backyard Bar-B-Ques

  2. Bar bands at the Shore

  3. Coca-Cola 600

  4. Monday Off!!!!!!!!!

Everybody have a great weekend!  Enjoy and be safe.


PCole said...

I love Monday off -- we never had a holiday this weekend when I worked at Baseball Weekly because it was in the middle of baseball season.
Unfortunately our plans are all housework housework housework. We have to get the house moving so we can.

Hillary Chybinski said...

1. Parade on our street on Monday
2. Monday off
3. Coca Cola 600 - hope K Bush bites the dust again!!!
4. drinks and food with neighbors and friends