Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Ok - I stayed the night in Harrisburg, PA last night after some meetings yesterday.

It's umm a bit umm dead.


What are the four WORST towns you have ever stayed in?

  1. Frostburg, Maryland - not sure why people ever settled here

  2. Harrisburg, PA - Great conversation at dinner, but nothing to do afterward

  3. Syracuse, NY - Cold, gray, nasty.  In July.

  4. Detroit, MI - Almost too easy - Crime, drugs, trash all on the walk to the stadium from the parking lot

Have a great weekend!


Hillary Chybinski said...

hmmmm. . .I have been pretty fortunate. . .
1. Lakawana, PA - same issues as Harrisburg
2. Omaha, NE - luckily it was only an overnighter
3. Foxboro, MA - outside of Pats' stadium, nada
4. Towson, MD - went to a wonderful friend's wonderful wedding there. . .but nothing else.
Have a good one -

PCole said...

Oh boy ... and I've stayed in a ton of small towns.
Davidson, N.C. -- we had to go pretty far to find a place to have a drink and it wasn't pretty.
Ashland, Va. -- That plus where I stayed. Ugh.
Thurmont, Md. -- Also, by the way, not as close to Gettysburg as you'd like. Not surprisingly, I did not select this location.
Dubuque, Iowa. Ugh.
And we didn't stay in Buffalo on our honeymoon (Niagara Falls) but we drove through looking for a place to eat. We struck out. Seriously.
BTW, on the opposite end, I would put San Antonio, Atlanta, Wilkes-Barre (for the amount of beer available) and Roanoke.

Chris said...

Pat - I always had a good time in Dubuque. Actually I guess it was East Dubuque on the other side of the river that was fun. Dubuque sucked.
Hillary -
I have had a number of people tell me lately that Omaha is a really cool town these day. Maybe things have changed?

Hillary Chybinski said...

well. . .Omaha was a while ago - and I did only stay one night. . .so it's probably a good thing I'm not writing this for a travel mag!! LOL

D3Keith said...

Ha, I stumbled upon this blog from an Eagles blog's blogroll, and I was going to list Winston-Salem, N.C. (dead downtown by 9 p.m., but way too big of a city for that) as my worst place I stayed until I see some clown ripped my beloved Ashland.
Then I realized I work with (for?) that clown. Ha, small world/cyberuniverse.
And actually, until they got the East Coast with the all-night Blimpie and Dunkin' Donuts up in there, only the 7-Eleven was open all night in Ashland.
But it's a town of 6,600 15 minutes from the state capital. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where the stuff to do after dark should be (and is).

D3Keith said...

I should've said open after 11 p.m. Until then, Ashland features a regular smorgasbord of fast-food (seriously, they still have a Captain D's). Oh, and a coffee shop.
I think I've stayed worse places WITH pcole, but Ashland's pretty bad. Until you get on campus *wink*

PCole said...

Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?! :)

Chris said...

You've slept with Pat? Well that explains the hostility.

PCole said...

Keith isn't some prima donna that demands his own room when traveling for D-III. :)