Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tigers Go Undefeated!

John's TAA Tigers completed their undefeated season today, dropping the Dodgers 16-14 in the season finale. John went 2-2, including a his best hit of the year, a roped double down the left field line that scored two runs.

After the game, the Tigers ambushed Coach Graff, soaking him with all the water they could find in celebration. Each player got a nice trophy and we all headed home before the rains came.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations to John and the rest of the Tigers! It's an awesome feat to go undefeated. I love the dousing of Coach with the water-bottles--classic!
My kickball team (yes, you read it right), on the other hand, now stands at 2-3. Who knew co-ed recreational kickball could be so competitive?

Chris said...

Never heard of kickball in a rec league, but any time there are guys trying to show off for women, you'll have some intense action!