Monday, June 30, 2008

John's 8th Birthday Party

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We had a great day yesterday, with over 40 guests filling our house and yard to celebrate John's 8th Birthday. John had a great time seeing his family and friends, and "especially enjoyed having cake, blowing bubbles and running around like a maniac."

You're only 8 once.

Special thanks to Cathy for the macaroni salad, my mom for multitudinous appetizers, Gram for pasta salad, Arlene for baked beans that got rave reviews, Carin for the cold, sweet watermelon and Heidi for the cookies that Emma especially loved.

Thanks also Anne and Carlo for the supplement to the summer beers and Joe for the nice bottle of red.

The signature totem poles and Indy decor were also courtesy of Arlene.

In the 94 degree heat, the grill chores were handled Jim and Patti and no one is more grateful than me!

Finally all the hard work and effort was really done by Party Planner, Chef and Coordinator Extraordinaire --- CHAR!!

Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day for John.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Party Winding Down

As you can tell from the photo, things are winding down at John's Thrill a Minute Indiana Jones 8th Birthday Party. More photos and a wrap later!Party Winding Down

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not A Bad Way To Live

Dubai_rotating_building_1_lrg A Florentine architect, David Fisher has proposed building a skyscraper where each of the rooms will have a perfect view.  The 68 floor tower to be constructed first in Dubai, and then in 12 other cities, features a concept Fisher calls "dynamic architecture," meaning that the shape of the building can change on a  moments' notice.  Each floor will be able to ROTATE independently, meaning that if you want a sunset view, you tell the voice controlled computer "sunset," and off you go.

Very "Jetsons," huh!?!

The building will include a hotel, helipad, penthouse pool and elevators to whisk you IN YOUR CAR right to your condo.  Amazing what money will buy, isn't it?  Prices will range form $4 million for a 1300 sq ft hovel to nearly $40 million!

Rounding out the list of features are wind turbines between the floors and roof-top photovoltaic arrays that will provide enough power to keep the building "off the grid," generating enough electricity for all the residents and then some.

Fisher plans to construct he floors of 12 separate pre-faricated units and assemble them opn site.  When the project is finished in Dubai, the assembly plant and the 90 or so assembly technicicans will move on to the next city getting a dynamic building.  Moscow, New York, and Tokyo are on the early short list.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Brett Myers Sucks

With the bases loaded and no outs in the third and two runs already across, Charlie came to the mound.  And when Charlie goes to the mound he's always got the hook with him.

The real question isn't whether Condrey is any better (as I type this he's giving up a Grand Salami) but rather if this is Myers' last appearance in the starting rotation.  If it is, as I suspect, the real question is where the Phils will use him.  My guess is that with Tom Gordon making noises about having a dead arm Myers is headed to the setup role.

I just hope that he's able to more effective in the 8th than he has been in the 1st.

Coste homer to even things up here.  Looks like a long night for the pitchers.

Brett Myers On the Hill

You can tell by the way the balls are flying around.  Frigging lovely.

Friday Fantastic Four

You may have heard that the US Supreme Court struck down Washington, DC's handgun ban in a decision issued yesterday. In that vein, here is today's Friday Fantastic Four.

What are your four most controversial positions/viewpoints?

1. Handguns should be banned
2. The first two years of public college should be free
3. The use of the death penalty should be expanded
4. Pay for the military should be doubled and the GI Bill restored.

Ok - what's on YOUR mind?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

John Is 8!!!

Smiling 8 Year Old
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At 6:26 am on a sticky June 26th, 2000, John Lee-Pesotski came into this world at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Today it's hard to believe that he's a big 8 year old.  He's a wonderful boy who loves baseball and Legos and Indiana Jones. He's generally polite and is very good with his loving sister Emma.

John is a smart kid and can hold a conversation with an adult on many topics. He is beginning to develop his own view points, such as his belief that the next president should end the war and lower gas prices.

While his party is not until Sunday, we had some ice cream cake last night and opened presents today. He's enjoying a bit of indulgence from dad right now, playing a rare morning game of Xbox.

I am not sure if he fully understands what I mean when I tell him I am proud of him, but I think he gets the feeling when I hug him as hard as I can!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mom's Birthday

Another Delco Guy's mom is celebrating her birthday today. We're at Carin's house in Swarthmore having a bit of a party. The beef tenderloin was marinated perfectly by Carin and Chefs Matt and Kevin grilled it for 90 minutes to an excellent medium well.

I am now enjoying the Strawberry shortcake from Kyj's bakery. Excellent!Mom's Birthday

House Lust

215 Hamilton Rd.
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Well, the house hunt continues and it's amazing what happens when you look at houses just say, oh $20,000 out of your price range or so.

This house is in Marlton, close to the border with Cherry Hill, and has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a full basement. And a pool. And a creek with ducks. And a big back yard with bunnies.

It needs some cosmetic stuff, and a kitchen, but it's a great house for kids and parents who like to entertain. I think that if we can swing it, it would be a great place for John and Emma to grow up. Hopefully we get an offer this week and we can move forward with this one.

More photos are up here.  Don't give me crap about the quality.  They were taken with my cell phone while trying to avoid the real estate agent.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

On The Market!

After much prodding, the real estate agent finally got the house listed last night and Voilia!! this morning we got a call asking if t the an agent could show the house NOW! Who wants to see a house at 10:30 am on Sunday?

So we rushed around getting dressed and cleaning up from breakfast and such and headed out.

I guess this is how it will be for a while ...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Coming off another 0 fer night, bringing the hitless streak to 0-23, Chase Utley will ride the pine tonight in the second game of the Phils' series against the Anaheim California LA Angels.  Chutley has looked positively clueless at the plate recently, so a night off against tough lefty Joe Saunders is probably a good thing.

Let's hope the Phils decide that it's time to shake off the recent doldrums and take one tonight against the Angels.  Whereever they're from.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Emma Graduates!

Kindercare Pre-School Graduation is this afternoon and Emma got the award for Most Helpful. She's the sweetest little girl in the world and I am SO proud of her!Emma Graduates!

Friday Fantastic Four

Well everybody I am sure you could see this one coming. While it's 53 degrees as the sun comes up here in South Jersey, it IS the first day of summer. So let's go with a summer theme today!

What are your four favorite things about summer?

1. Longer days
2. Summer Beers
3. Bikinis
4. VACATIONS!!!!!!

Have a great day and a great summer!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

News Flash!! On The Border Sucks!

Another Delco Guy ordered fish tacos. Imagine Mrs. Paul's fish stix chopped up with cheese and cheap salsa on top. Gooey re-fried beans and dry Spanish rice finshi off the bad Mexican trifecta here on Route 73 in Mount Laurel.

I will say that the 1800 Margaritas with Cointreau are superb.

Go to the bar. Skip the food.News Flash!! On The Border Sucks!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Phils Losing

It's 7-4 in the top of the 8th and the Phils just squandered their best shot at getting back in the game, as Shane, Utley and Howard all went down with 2 men on.

Romero is on the mound against his old team. Could get interesting.Phils Losing

Hello from Section 302!

Another Delco Guy is here in South Philly at Citizens Bank Park. There are a lot of Red Sox fans here at the park, but we're looking for a recovery from last night's loss. Kyle Kendrick toes the slab today for the Phils.

One note early is that the field looks like hell after last weekend's invasion of Jimmy Buffett and Parrothead Nation. The stands are filling up and we're ready for baseball!!Hello from Section 302!

Live From Tony Luke's!

Another Delco guy had an appointment canceled and good buddy Jody Mac from 950 ESPN has a remote leading up to the Phillies day game. So here I am!

The Tony Luke's steak egg and cheese isn't going to help me get back down to 165, but it's damn good! I'm reading a Daily News, talking sports and enjoying the day off. See you at the ballpark!Live From Tony Luke's!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 Tabernacle ES Field Day

Another Delco Guy is live at the Tabernacle ES Field Day. My job is to shepherd Ms. Lacey's class aroubd the stations for the next two hours. Wish me luck!!2008 Tabernacle ES Field Day

Now THIS Might Meake Me Like Soccer

I am not normally a soccer fan, but this report today in the Inquirer caught my interest:

"Austria won, 10-5, over their larger neighbor, but at the end of the game, they had to forego the traditional shirt swap. The reason? Both teams were clad only in thongs."

No THAT's what I'm talking about. None of this nil-nil crap.  Or big sweaty guys running all afternoon up and down the field while the grass grows.  THIS (NSFW) is how it should be done.

No word on when this wonderful new twist on a boring old game is headed to the US.  Perhaps Brandi Chastain will try out for the team.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Little Reporter

We ae on the way to school and Emma has been asking me a lot of questions as we roll through the haze of Burlington County. I was wondering what way up until we stopped for a few minutes and I realized is 'writing' down everything I say in her notebook.

So much for any thought she will be wealthy.My Little Reporter

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Winding Down

We're wrapping things up here in Swarthmore for this year's Father's Day Crab Fest. The crabs and steamers were excellent. Kevin did a great job on the chicken and the strawberry shortcake is a wonderful way to wrap things up.

Happy Father's Day to everyone!0615081657.jpg

Crab Fest Prep

Matty has bought the crabs ($128 for a half-bushel of #1s) and some steamers. I have the beer on ice, Char made the deviled eggs and Carin is making her house ready for the invasion.

More later from the scene!Crab Fest Prep

Happy Father's Day

The kids and the GF are downstairs getting my Father's Day gifts in order. We'll be headed over to Delco today to hold the annual Pesotski Father's Day Crab Fest. We're getting as many big crabs as we can afford, cleaning them, steaming them and eating them. All while drinking good summer beers. Or iced tea and chicken for those who abstain.

It's a day for dads, with golf shirts, shorts and stripey cards abounding. It's the US Open, the NBA Finals and falling asleep in the recliner.

For some though it's riding through the dust in a hum-vee with a photo of your son you have never seen taped to the stock of your rifle. Or a visit to the cemetary to see dad and wish for what might have been.

So today I thank my dad and my children for making my life special. But I also salute the fathers in uiniform I have never met, who sacrifice, serve and sometimes die for our nation so that it may be safe.

Happy Father's Day from Another Delco Guy in South Jersey.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Afternoon!

Another Delco Guy and the GF are enjoying an aternoon at Monk's Café in Center City Philly. I am enjoying a HUGE old Scotch ale called Harviestoun 30. It was aged in Highland Scotch barrels and has a ton of smoky potentness, but ends with a sweet finish. We are getting two different pots of mussels ad looking forward to them!Good Afternoon!

On Tim Russert

RIP Tim Russert
Originally uploaded by timothypedersen

I met Tim Russert last May in Buffalo, New York as he spoke as the home-town guest to a conference he attended. It was a few weeks before father's day and he spent most of his 40 minute speech talking about his dad, Big Russ. He also spun some fun yarns from the set of Meet the Press and took us inside what his day is like.

Afterwards, he stood around the makeshift conference bar with a few of us political junkies and had a beer, talking about the possibilities of the 2008 race that was still a year away at the time. He was down-to-earth, extraordinarily well-informed and generous with his insights and time.

I chose the image today from the 244 on flickr because it was not your standard headshot and seemed to capture the guy I met over a beer in his hometown.  Thanks to Timothy Pedersen.

For quite some time I really didn't think that much of Tim Russert's work on NBC. For some reason, his style and I did not connect and I generally avoided Meet the Press, which I considered a poor competitor to This Week.

Then came the White Board Moment.

On a night when seemingly no one on television was able to explain just what was happening, Tim Russert threw aside the technology and the maps and the millions of dollars of stuff at his disposal and communicated directly with the American public. He clearly showed us what was happening and how important Florida had become.

With a $2 white board.

In that moment I felt understood this guy and how well he connected with the US populace. Last year, I was gratified to find that my analysis was correct, but more gratified to get a chance to hear him talk about his dad and his son, to thank his wife for all of her time spent helping him and to thank those of our group for helping students like his son Luke go to college.

Last week he got to see Luke graduate from Boston College. Russert had done an awful lot in his career, but I am glad that "Little Russ" got the chance to see that moment before the screen went dark yesterday.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Traffic on South Broad Street and around City Hall is currently snrled because this guy tried to put his tractor trailer somewhere it simply won't fit. It's wedged between some cars, a news stand and some parking bollards.

Blocking alane of Broad Street and a major cross street on a getaway Friday has some folks here in Center City a wee bit testy.Ooops!

Friday Fantastic Four

Well - it's that day.  Friday the 13th.  Day of superstition and old wive's tales.

So our list today goes with that theme.

What four superstitions do you have or did you used to have?

  1. I have a pair of lucky boxer shorts. (from my coaching days, not for dates)
  2. I never step on the baselines
  3. I STILL make wishes on birthday candles
  4. I have always wanted to find a four leaf clover

So what's on YOUR list of do's and don'ts?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gracie H is 6!!!

Gracie H is 6!!!
Originally uploaded by Cavalier92

And the photos are up on my Flickr photostream.

You can't tell from the photos, but it was 98 degrees. Everyone was happy though. The kids were happy because there was a "kid wash." The adults were happy because there were mojitos!

We had a great time!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Food Network Lies!!

A few months back, sometime around Christmas, I saw a Food Network show - I think it was Unwrapped - about candy from "back in the day." One of the candies featured was Cherry Mash, a confection from St. Joseph, MO that the wrapper says originated in 1918.

The Food Network guy made it seem like this stuff was the food of the gods. So when I saw it for sale at Nixon's General Store in Tabernacle, NJ for $.89, I grabbed one.

The short review is that it's a super-sweet grainy pink cherry filling that tastes as artificial as it looks. They cover that in cheap milk chocolate with small peanut chunks. Not worth the price, and I will never eat one again,  but I am still oddly happy I bought it!

The Food Network Lies!!

Cool As Sh*t!

I don't know anything about this company, but I LOVE their advertising vehicle!!

Seen on Spruce St. in Center City Philadelphia, this Smart Car caught my attention, which is surely what the owners are looking for. I'd love one for the commute from Moorestown each day. The CR-V is pretty good on gas, slurping down 23 mpg, but these babies are in a different stratosphere entirely when it comes to fuel usage.Cool As Sh*t!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Graduation Time

49 years ago this week my mom was graduating from 8th grade at St. Margaret Mary Elementary School in Essington, PA. At work today, we are enduring a graduation practice that has resulted in the blaring of "Pomp and Circumstance" about 50 times. In addition we heard the school's principal imploring the kids not to fall down the steps.

I am sure if he did, about 40 video cameras would capture Johnny cracking his head open on the concrete floor.

Seriously though, It's a fun time of year. Pools are open for the summer.  Summer beers are out. The beaches are getting crowded.  Birthday parties, graduation parties, Father's Day (see my wish list) and the US Open are all vying for our time this month. It's amazing how busy we can make ourselves without even trying!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


We are on our way home from a nice birthday party at the Hannigan's (photos up later). It's 7pm and according to the billboard on I-95 next th Lincoln Financial Field, it's STILL 92 degrees. It felt a bit cooler in the shade withe a good breeze blowing, but nw I am feeling a bit wilted. And tomorrow it will be even hotter. Lovely!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Almost There

I've hauled countless bags of trash, decluttered my areas, packed 4 recycling containers to the brim, fixed the dishwasher, hung a pair of doors, fixed the storm door and cleaned tha bathroom.

And yet the house it not yet ready to sell.

We're close, but god this is a pain in the ass!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Hello all - it is reported to me by my crack staff that today is National Doughnut Day. So good to know things are slow enough that they have time to keep track of such things. In honor of this august holiday, we have a sweet Fantastic Four today.

What are your four favorite snack or junk foods?

1. Doughnuts - a big weakness
2. Soft Pretzels - it's a Philly thing
3. Brownies - god, I love a good brownie!
4. Salt water taffy - especially banana

Try to stay cool this weekend!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I use Typepad to publish and maintain this website.  It's a pretty good solution that allows a fair degree of customization, mobile posting options and plenty of space for my words and photos.  I switched from Google's Blogger a bit more than a year back and I'm glad for the increased control that Typepad gives me.

It costs $149 a year to host the site.  The 2 ads I have plus the Amazon links cover about half the cost.  So mostly it's a hobby that costs me about as much as a good meal without drinks.

I'm not a web design guru like Heidi, though, so I have basically been stuck with the posting templates that Typepad provides.  That limited how I can use photos within a post and was kind of frustrating.  So when Typepad announced an upgrade to the composing software, I was pretty happy.  I kept waiting for it.  And waiting.  I don't wait well.  Eventually it turned out that the announcement was that they were rolling the upgrade out over the course of the summer, and my turn had not come yet.

I occasionally get a bit snarky when I feel neglected or affronted, so I left a petulant comment on the Typepad site noting that I was paying for this service, blah blah blah. 

A gracious Typepad employee saw the post and magically granted me access to the fabled new composing software, which I used last night to create a post with photos on 2 different side of the page.  (Sounds simple, but I had to start somewhere!)

So I'd like to thank Krissy Teegerstrom, Typepad's Community Manager for the upgrade.  Her personal blog is Artisthenewreligion.  There's a lot of good art, videos and commentary there. Stop by and tell her Another Delco Guy sent you.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Friday Night In Philly

Last Friday Another Delco Guy and The GF needed a night out after a long week, so we decided to hit a few different spots in Philly to enjoy, relax and unwind. 

We started at our old standby, Valanni, where we sat at the newly expanded bar and gawked at how different the crowd is.  Char wanted a drink the P.I.N.K Vodka rep had pushed at Valanni's grand opening, but got something entirely different. There seem to be differences between the P.I.N.K version of Pink my Ride and Valanni's.  Not good.  I sacrificed and drank it and she had a Blanche de Bruxelle from the cool frozen cobra taps.  Good beer was spoiled when we were surprised by a former colleague sitting down next to us.  She doesn't work for me anymore.  It was simply awkward to have someone sitting next to you ignoring the situation. Brecian helped things with a healthy pour of Maker's Mark, but Fired Fraulein and her date ordered food.  We paid and left.  Not a good night at the Big V.

0530081859 I had heard some good things about the new pub Devil's Den, so we headed to South Philly.  After nearly walking by the place since it only has a chalk board on the street as a sign, we were pleasntly surprised to find 16 beers on tap and old friend and fellow Delco Guy Randy Walker behind the 15 seat bar.  After trying a few of Randy's suggestions, Char passed on a Hennepin in favor of an EXCELLENT Ayinger Brau Weisse and I went with a Maredsous 8.  Anytime you can get two beers of this quality on tap, things are looking good.

Then we ordered the Mussels au Lager.  We should have stopped with the beer.  Char's second shell creature was so bad it made her gag.  I had a few good ones before I had to admit some were good and some were just plain awful.  It seemed as though a good batch was mixed in with an old batch.  I soldiered on, while Char ate the very good fries while passing on the below-average side of mayo.

The mussles necessitated a trip to the very nicely done bathroom, and we paid up and headed out.  While I loved the location, ambience, beer selection and HD TVs,  bad mussles and good beer is a combination I can find lots of places.  Given that friends had a similar recent experience at Devil's Den, I'm not sure I can recommend the food.  Do drop in and see the proud new papa behind the bar though!

I was itching to fill my newly-emptied stomach.  As cliched as it is, we headed to Oregon Avenue and Tony IMG_1700 Luke's Beef and Beer Sports Bar.  Our chatty and speedy waitress Gina was a wonderful little slice of South Philly, exclaiming "Now we're talking baby!" when I ordered my roast pork with sharp provalone and brocolli rabe.  Char had what she said was the best cheesesteak of her life, with American, mushrooms, sauteed onions and long hots.  I paired mine with, what else, a Yeungling and Char had a Blue Moon Belgian Wheat that couldn't hold a candle to the two awesome Belgian-style whites she had earlier.

The sandwiches were perfect.  The rolls had just enough body to soak up the juices from the perfectly cooked meats.  There was the dead-on mix of cheese and broc rabe on mine, while Char just kept going "MMMMHHH! MMMMMMMMHHHHH!!!!," so I can only assume it was good too.  She wouldn't let me near it.

The place ain't pretty though.  It's situated in the shadow of I-95, the bathroom has no hot water and the interior decor consists of a concrete floor, TV sets and neon beer signs. You don't come here for the looks, though.  It's the food that made the original place across the street famous and the food is the reason people come to the new joint.

At the end of the night, we'd been to three very different Philly food and drink experiences.  First, an established Center City place stuggling to decide if it's a chic cocktail joint or a serious restaurant.  Second, a fairly new place in South Philly that shows promise as a beer hall but has yet to work out the menu kinks.  Finally, the beer-serving extension of a venerable sandwich shop.  Each had its positives and negatives, but at the end of the night I was left wondering, "Where SHOULD we have gone?"

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Holy Crap!

In a rambling 20 mniute speech that sounds damn close to a concession speech, Hillary Clinton just announced on CNN that she is not making any decisions tonight about her candidacy.  Instead she asked her supporters to go to her website to give her advice about what to next.

As if the 30 states she lost weren't enough advice?

As if the stream of super delegates endorsing Obama wasn't good enough fo her?

As if the majority of delegates being in Obama's camp doesn't ensure she can't win.

I urge you to go to her website and tell her to shut it down.  Head home.  Stop pursuing the impossible and the damaging.

GIve it up.


447866476_68b61a1cc0_mI learned the hard way a few years back to always make sure I log off my email when I step away from the computer.  The FBI seems to think that Larry Mendte didn't learn that lesson until this week. 

A story today notes that the FBI was called into the Larry Mendte - Alycia Lane email case when a CBS3 staffer found a computer logged into Lane's Yahoo Mail account months after the station had fired her.  The staffer let Lane know.  No one is saying WHO exactly called the FBI, but Mt guess is the station wanted to make sure it wasn't on the hook for this one and made sure it was covered by getting the feds involved.

All this to see the bikini pix, Lar?

Delco Guy Mendte is in trouble here.  The feds have been on this for months.  He's off the air until it gets cleared up.  His wife is still on the air over at Fox29, but my guess is that she is SERIOUSLY pissed.  I'm not thinking 29 is going to pick Mendte up to fill the Huddleston gap.