Friday, June 27, 2008

Brett Myers Sucks

With the bases loaded and no outs in the third and two runs already across, Charlie came to the mound.  And when Charlie goes to the mound he's always got the hook with him.

The real question isn't whether Condrey is any better (as I type this he's giving up a Grand Salami) but rather if this is Myers' last appearance in the starting rotation.  If it is, as I suspect, the real question is where the Phils will use him.  My guess is that with Tom Gordon making noises about having a dead arm Myers is headed to the setup role.

I just hope that he's able to more effective in the 8th than he has been in the 1st.

Coste homer to even things up here.  Looks like a long night for the pitchers.

1 comment:

PCole said...

Well, now he's an IronPig, at least for the moment. :)