Tuesday, June 03, 2008


447866476_68b61a1cc0_mI learned the hard way a few years back to always make sure I log off my email when I step away from the computer.  The FBI seems to think that Larry Mendte didn't learn that lesson until this week. 

A Philly.com story today notes that the FBI was called into the Larry Mendte - Alycia Lane email case when a CBS3 staffer found a computer logged into Lane's Yahoo Mail account months after the station had fired her.  The staffer let Lane know.  No one is saying WHO exactly called the FBI, but Mt guess is the station wanted to make sure it wasn't on the hook for this one and made sure it was covered by getting the feds involved.

All this to see the bikini pix, Lar?

Delco Guy Mendte is in trouble here.  The feds have been on this for months.  He's off the air until it gets cleared up.  His wife is still on the air over at Fox29, but my guess is that she is SERIOUSLY pissed.  I'm not thinking 29 is going to pick Mendte up to fill the Huddleston gap.

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