Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Hello all - it is reported to me by my crack staff that today is National Doughnut Day. So good to know things are slow enough that they have time to keep track of such things. In honor of this august holiday, we have a sweet Fantastic Four today.

What are your four favorite snack or junk foods?

1. Doughnuts - a big weakness
2. Soft Pretzels - it's a Philly thing
3. Brownies - god, I love a good brownie!
4. Salt water taffy - especially banana

Try to stay cool this weekend!


patti said...

Oh, this is a good one!
1) Chips and salsa...or better yet, nachos. Delish!
2) Popcorn, cooked on the stovetop, slathered with garlic butter and course salt. MMMMMMMMM
3) Double chip bars...or antying gooey, homemade, paticularly with a crust
4) Cheesecake

Jennifer said...

yay! one I can weigh in on... (pun intended)
1) Puffcorn (a vehicle for salt)
2) My own peanut butter Heath bits cookies
3) Any ice cream formed in the shape of a cake or pie
4) breaded cheese sticks w/ sauce

JimmyDelco said...

Soft Pretzels
Cheese Curls (aka cheesie poofs)
Mountain Due with Lance's Cheese on Wheats.
notice a theme? Yeah, me too. This is sad. I should branch out.

Chris said...

Jimmy - Do you put cheese on the pretzels???