Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The kids and the GF are downstairs getting my Father's Day gifts in order. We'll be headed over to Delco today to hold the annual Pesotski Father's Day Crab Fest. We're getting as many big crabs as we can afford, cleaning them, steaming them and eating them. All while drinking good summer beers. Or iced tea and chicken for those who abstain.

It's a day for dads, with golf shirts, shorts and stripey cards abounding. It's the US Open, the NBA Finals and falling asleep in the recliner.

For some though it's riding through the dust in a hum-vee with a photo of your son you have never seen taped to the stock of your rifle. Or a visit to the cemetary to see dad and wish for what might have been.

So today I thank my dad and my children for making my life special. But I also salute the fathers in uiniform I have never met, who sacrifice, serve and sometimes die for our nation so that it may be safe.

Happy Father's Day from Another Delco Guy in South Jersey.

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