Monday, June 30, 2008

John's 8th Birthday Party

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We had a great day yesterday, with over 40 guests filling our house and yard to celebrate John's 8th Birthday. John had a great time seeing his family and friends, and "especially enjoyed having cake, blowing bubbles and running around like a maniac."

You're only 8 once.

Special thanks to Cathy for the macaroni salad, my mom for multitudinous appetizers, Gram for pasta salad, Arlene for baked beans that got rave reviews, Carin for the cold, sweet watermelon and Heidi for the cookies that Emma especially loved.

Thanks also Anne and Carlo for the supplement to the summer beers and Joe for the nice bottle of red.

The signature totem poles and Indy decor were also courtesy of Arlene.

In the 94 degree heat, the grill chores were handled Jim and Patti and no one is more grateful than me!

Finally all the hard work and effort was really done by Party Planner, Chef and Coordinator Extraordinaire --- CHAR!!

Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day for John.

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Matt P said...

Thanks to you both for having us. Definitely a great time and it's always good to catch up with your/our friends.