Thursday, June 26, 2008

John Is 8!!!

Smiling 8 Year Old
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At 6:26 am on a sticky June 26th, 2000, John Lee-Pesotski came into this world at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Today it's hard to believe that he's a big 8 year old.  He's a wonderful boy who loves baseball and Legos and Indiana Jones. He's generally polite and is very good with his loving sister Emma.

John is a smart kid and can hold a conversation with an adult on many topics. He is beginning to develop his own view points, such as his belief that the next president should end the war and lower gas prices.

While his party is not until Sunday, we had some ice cream cake last night and opened presents today. He's enjoying a bit of indulgence from dad right now, playing a rare morning game of Xbox.

I am not sure if he fully understands what I mean when I tell him I am proud of him, but I think he gets the feeling when I hug him as hard as I can!


Jennifer said...

Mmmm, ice cream cake. Good choice. That was on my fantastic four response of favorite foods a couple weeks back.
Happy birthday to John!

John said...

From one John to another...happy birthday!

Hillary Chybinski said...

Happy Birthday John!!!!