Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not A Bad Way To Live

Dubai_rotating_building_1_lrg A Florentine architect, David Fisher has proposed building a skyscraper where each of the rooms will have a perfect view.  The 68 floor tower to be constructed first in Dubai, and then in 12 other cities, features a concept Fisher calls "dynamic architecture," meaning that the shape of the building can change on a  moments' notice.  Each floor will be able to ROTATE independently, meaning that if you want a sunset view, you tell the voice controlled computer "sunset," and off you go.

Very "Jetsons," huh!?!

The building will include a hotel, helipad, penthouse pool and elevators to whisk you IN YOUR CAR right to your condo.  Amazing what money will buy, isn't it?  Prices will range form $4 million for a 1300 sq ft hovel to nearly $40 million!

Rounding out the list of features are wind turbines between the floors and roof-top photovoltaic arrays that will provide enough power to keep the building "off the grid," generating enough electricity for all the residents and then some.

Fisher plans to construct he floors of 12 separate pre-faricated units and assemble them opn site.  When the project is finished in Dubai, the assembly plant and the 90 or so assembly technicicans will move on to the next city getting a dynamic building.  Moscow, New York, and Tokyo are on the early short list.


Dan said...

what if everyon wants "sunset"? is there a "floor captain" who gets to decide?

Chris said...

I wondered that too. I saw someone on CNN saying that the value of your choice would be based first on square footage of your condo, second on how much it detracted from the exterior visual appeal of the building and finally on how recently you hd made a specific request.
So basically the richest choose!

PCole said...

Everyone is so much further ahead than we are. I thought the same thing when reading about the skyscraper in Japan that is also self-sustaining because it contains wind turbines embedded high in the building.