Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Food Network Lies!!

A few months back, sometime around Christmas, I saw a Food Network show - I think it was Unwrapped - about candy from "back in the day." One of the candies featured was Cherry Mash, a confection from St. Joseph, MO that the wrapper says originated in 1918.

The Food Network guy made it seem like this stuff was the food of the gods. So when I saw it for sale at Nixon's General Store in Tabernacle, NJ for $.89, I grabbed one.

The short review is that it's a super-sweet grainy pink cherry filling that tastes as artificial as it looks. They cover that in cheap milk chocolate with small peanut chunks. Not worth the price, and I will never eat one again,  but I am still oddly happy I bought it!

The Food Network Lies!!

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