Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Star Pre-Game

I just watched the 39 minute pre-game show and have a few thoughts:2202512260_f69c9f991a_m

  • I got chills when they introduced Reggie
  • Eddie Murray looks like he can still mash it
  • Jesus Lee McPhail is ancient
  • The Stealth Bomber over NYC is stunning
  • Schmitty and George Brett - think back 28 years ...
  • Steinbrenner can't walk anymore - sad
  • Cheryl Crow is HOT
  • This is a great way to send Yankee Stadium out

Let's Play Ball!

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PCole said...

I was amused when Yogi Berra referred to Joe Buck as "Jack." I really wish Jack Buck were still here calling games and Joe were stuck in the obscurity in which he belongs.