Monday, July 21, 2008

Eagles Camp Begins

Up at Lehigh the Eagles rookies and select veterans report today for training camp.

Is it me, or do these guys report earlier and earlier each year?  Between a 6 week training camp, various voluntary mini-camps, several OTAs and the season that stretches from August to January, it feels like the football season never ends. 

I know in Philly that's supposed to be a good thing, but I would prefer for us to get a bit further past the All-Star Break before I need to begin looking at my fantasy football draft lists.


pmh said...

Spoken like a baseball fan. THAT SEAONS IS NEVER-ENDING. Good gracious.

hchybinski said...

seems to me many pro sport seasons are never ending. . . lol

Matt P said...

with your teams, you should have started looking at the draft lists in February.