Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Morning

Everyone here at Another Delco Guy is watching The Open Championship on TV this morning as The Shark tries to fight his way to being the oldest winner of a Major in history.

I've never been a huge Greg Norman fan, but this story pulls at the heart strings and who isn't rooting for the cool Aussie today?

He's got a long day of 35mph winds ahead of him and just a 1 shot lead after one hole.  We'll see.  Jack says he's rooting for Norman and I bet you are too!

Did you see that ROCK on Chris Evrett's hand?  Really ups the ante for us unmarried guys.

1 comment:

PCole said...

Yeah this is one of those stories that is making me work from my couch on a Sunday morning. :)
I tuned in at 11, watched for 15 minutes before I saw someone hit a fairway off the tee. It's brutal out there.