Monday, August 11, 2008

In Gettysburg

I am teaching for two days at a seminar for newbie college admissions counselors. I got a chance to do it last year and jumped at the chance when I was invited back.


It's simple. I, like my dad, am a Battle of Gettysburg buff. The new visitor center opened in April and I wanted the chance to see it as soon as possible.

Well the storm clouds are gathering, but I am going to go up and see what the National Park Service and The History Channel have done to help folks understand the massive conflict that took place on these 6000 acres.In Gettysburg


Scott said...

Battle of Gettysburg wikipedia page is pretty good, decent synopsis of the battle and maps of troop movement.
Also I saw came across from Blogs of Note. This guy is epitome of a Civil War buff.

PCole said...

E and I had to settle for the old one when we were there in March.