Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2008 DFFL Draft Party Review

The boys were back in town last night as Hesse hosted the Second Annual Delco Fantasy Football League Draft party in the luxurious basement of his estate in Aston.  I'm not kidding about the luxurious part.  If I had a basement with a bar, pool table, big screen TV, touch screen computer, wireless access, and comfortable seating, no one would ever see me.

Some notes from last night:

Shane outdid himself with the pork, confirmin2824648729_7123bbd89dg our decision that we should let him stay in the league despite the taking kickers in back to back rounds problem last year.  The pork was tender and pulled into perfectly-sized chunks, with just the right amount of smoky flavor and spicy bite.  I had 2 sandwiches.  Shane's better half Maria, who thankfully does not share his Chicago Bears disease, improved on her meatballs of last year with an excellent offering in tangy tomato sauce.  I had one of these in between the pork. 

The dessert course of brownies and pound cake with berries and vanilla vodka whipped cream was a bit high brow for this group, but it was needed around the 10th round due to my brother Matt's lengthy deliberations on his picks. 

Mark got us some cases of Sammy Oktoberfest, Yeungling and Yeungling Light.  I like my beer a bit warmer than average, but 90 degrees is a bit outrageous there Mark.  Thankfully, Hesse had thought ahead and there were frosty mugs that brought the beer temp down to 80.  Despite Shane's 7th round scare, the beer did last the whole evening.  Some kind of loaves and fishes thing apparently.

I think it's so sweet that Hesse and his beloved have named their tiny little yapper poodle "Shane."  It's so sweet and appropriate.

Much props to the guys who were using looseleaf notebooks and paper draft guide magazines.  Gotta love the old school!

Apparently Walklett's draft guide magazine was missing the QB section.  Jason Campbell as a starter?  Really??? 

Pete's cats make an awful sound when they get near his computer.  Cats are hereby banned from future drafts.

Congrats to everyone in Arizona for discovering the existence of the internet in round 5 so that Matt didn't have to use his precious iPhone minutes to keep Pete in the loop.  Then we got to listen to Matt and Goot bitch at each other about getting out of the spreadsheet.

Apparently we now know how Matt got though high school.  Anyone catch the late round cheat sheet written on a tiny piece of notebook that apparently went seven deep on the WR chart for him?

We need bigger stickers next year.  Old people like me Claffey can't see that far.

Chris from Regulators has all but obliterated Shane's 2007 drafting mysteries in my mind with his 'double pick' strategy.  First, the 'Double Jones pick' in round 3/4 and then the 'if you can't pick one good TE, why not pick 2 average ones' in round 11/12 left me and some others scratching our heads.  See ya in Week one there, bud!  Care for a side bet?

The best team name goes to Mark hands down this year with "Barely Legal Teens."  The FBI will be by to check your computer later today.

By a unanimous vote I just took, Matt will be required to wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey at all future leage gatherings, as he took both Tony Homo and Nick Fuck.  

And the night was made complete by Maria's appearance and insightful draft analysis. 

Photos are up here!

Thanks to everyone for a great time.


Shane Zack said...

The 7th round beer scare was frightening. Judging by the amount of time it took for people to make thier choices and a head count of only 17 beers left, it truly was devine intervention. Thank the good lord for leaving out the fish this time and blessing us with the only libation that mattered.
Great post Chris. I appreciate the praise and the comparison to Hesse's hound...damn good looking!

hchybinski said...

sounds like a good time :)

Walklett said...

It's obvious that you question my quarter back's ability because of his skin tone.

Chris said...

Mostly I question his ability because you picked him. If you think he's good, he must stink!

Rich Hesse said...

I tink I have the easiest schedule in the league!
1 MADhatter
2 Pete
3 Regulators
4 Purple Wolverines
5 The Fan Club
6 Moorestown Quakers
7 Barely Legal Teens
8 MADhatter
9 Go Bears
10 Soul Glo
11 Pete
12 Regulators
13 Moorestown Quakers
14 Barely Legal Teens
Are you kidding me?????

Chris said...

Well I see at least 2 losses on there ...

Matt P said...

Damn, I don't get to play the mess that is Hesse's team at all.