Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Ok - so many of you already know that I am not a good driver.  Some of you may have experienced it first hand.  For that I am, as the Catholic in me recalls, 'heartily sorry.' 

I get distracted too easily and I am just generally bored with the whole thing.  Nevertheless, since I drive about 10 hours a week with commuting and kid stuff, I have some coping mechanisms.

Sooo ...

What are four things you like to do while you drive?

  1. Listen to audio books.  Right now as an homage to Matt's trip to Vegas, I am listening to Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  It's a classic and Ron McLarty is a great voice for Thompson and Oscar Acosta.
  2. Talk on the phone.  Yah I know I shouldn't but I most DO use my Bluetooth headset, so it's not SO bad.
  3. Look for photo opportunities.  That CR-V swerving to the side of the road ahead of you might just be me reaching for my camera to shoot a sunset.
  4. Listen to sports talk or NPR.  I don't have an iPod or iPhone and I have given up on commercial radio for the most part, so this is my last resort.

Have a great weekend!


John said...

I listen to CDs in the car. Is that too 1998 or something? ;)

jennifer said...

*Tease the kids and say, "we're going crazy!" When they constantly ask, "where are we going?"
*Sing along to the radio (I know, how pre-1998!)
*Tell my husband to quit telling me how to drive
*Scare my husband with my absent-minded driving