Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin Pregnancy

At first I thought it was kinda sad that the media was jumping all over the fact that John McCain's new539w VP choice, Sarah Palin,  has a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant.

The I read Howard Gensler's column today in the Daily News. 

The whole thing is worth a read, but if you have ADD like me, here are the two relevant sections:

Bristol, Palin's 17-year-old daughter, left high school for months (possibly as many as five), reportedly after contracting mononucleosis.

(Her friends were not allowed to visit her, which skeptics could view as suspicious. But it's also explainable as mono is very contagious. But her presence home would also be equally dangerous for her allegedly pregnant mother.)

Five months? Mono?

Worst. Case. Of. Mono. Ever.

and then ...

In April, reportedly 36 weeks pregnant, Palin flew to Dallas to give a speech. Before the speech, she began to leak amniotic fluid. Tough Alaska moose-hunter that she is, she gave the speech anyway. She called her family doctor, who is not an OB-GYN, who allegedly told her it would be OK to fly back to Alaska. For the record, there are hospitals in Dallas.

Having given up the governor's private plane, Palin flew commercial, not telling Alaska Airlines that she was in labor and that her water had broken. No airline personnel seemed to note her as a woman about to give birth.

Her looooong Dallas to Alaska flight had a stopover in Seattle. There are also hospitals there.

Besides being friggin' hilarious on one level, it's just sad that McCain passed over perfectly capable women with significant experience for Nanook Sarah Palin.  I am sure Olympia Snow and Christie Todd Whitman are really supportive of Ms. Palin, her scandals and her daughter and the husband with a DUI and her soon to be granddaughter.  

In a related story, Mc Cain says that Sarah Palin was thoroughly checked out ahead of time.  Except for actually going to Alasksa.  Hmm.


hchybinski said...

honestly - it's giving republicans a bad name. . .LOL

Matt P said...

If I lived in Alaska, I'd have 3 kids and eleventy DUIs by now.
I honestly think it's a non-issue, although it's not exactly good for the McCain campaign. This country has more to worry about than a 17 year old having a baby, yet this is dominating the election coverage at the moment. I understand, I just don't think it's anything other than good political humor material.

Chris said...

So I guess you are discounting the theory that the first kid is also the daughter's?

Matt P said...

in related news, brad and angelina are splitzers but still planning to adopt together again, and oprah put the weight back on while aliens abducted her possibly gay husband.

Chris said...

He's definitely gay. No possibly about it.

Susan Pesotski said...

Oprah's not married.