Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please Tell Me It's All A Joke

I got three things out of this video:

  1. Palin can't be trusted to do an interview on her own.  She needs to bring help for the hard questions.
  2. It's the journalists' fault for asking her questions she doesn't know the answers to.
  3. McCain chose Palin to generate 'excitement' in his campaign.  Wonder if he and Bob Dole are going to do a joint ad for Viagra?

Please tell me this is all a joke and McCain will announce a real, qualified running mate this week.


Hillary Chybinski said...

scary - isn't it???

Chris said...

I am just more amazed all the time!

Hillary Chybinski said...

and i have a feeling that's amazed in a bad way. . . lol

Chris said...

ashamed, chagrined, cringing might all be more appropriate phrases.