Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Morning Breakfast

2835434817_039d3bf1ff_m The GF wanted me to make breakfast today and she was hungry NOW, so I had to whip something up  pretty fast.  I've also been feeling like I need to take a bit more control of my health, so i wanted something good for me.

So I ended up making waffles infused with raspberries and covered in a blueberry-raspberry champagne sauce.  The sauce was a little thick and tangy, so I cut it with orange juice and added a bit of honey for sweetness.

I served the waffles covered in confectioner's sugar with a good-sized mimosa to get football season started right.  (Kids are at mom's).

Not bad for 15 minutes.  And I got to use three different kitchen appliances!


patti said...

just curious....which part of this was the healthy part?

Jennifer said...

omg, at 23:05 CT, that looks re-e-ally good...ugh!
What did the GF think? And who cleaned up the kitchen afterwards?

Chris said...

Char was please with the breakfast and even more pleased that I cleaned up!