Saturday, September 06, 2008

Waiting for Hanna

Summer's Over
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If this blog entry had a song playing in the background, it would be BIlly Joel's "Famous Last Words." I've stacked the chairs for the fall and the leaves are starting to cover the patio. Football starts tomorrow and the Phils are playing the Mets with the Division on the line.

School has started and the mornings are a bit cooler each day. Summer has indeed come and gone.

Here in the Philly / South Jersey region we're waiting for the remnants of Hurricane Hanna to bring soaking rains and gusty winds, with power outages and tree damage likely. At least that's what Doug Kammerer says. It's warm and still and sticky here now thought, with just the deepening gray clouds portending a rough afternoon.

This is always a time of year that I get a bit morose. Perhaps it's because the Phils have always faded by now, or because The Eagles just haven't ever gotten it done. The weather changes have something to do with it as well, but somehow I think it's something deeper, something that has to do with the slowing down that happens in fall.

It's really one of the best times to live here. The humidity is much lower, the temperatures are cool in the morning, but not the brisk, nose-running cold that comes in November. You can pick apples at the local farms, or drive out to the pines and watch the sunset, or sit at a sidewalk table at a restaurant wearing a jacket.

The craziness of the holidays is just around the corner, so take a minute and slow down for a stretch.

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