Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 National League Champion Phillies

We all knew it was coming.  Up 3-1 on a team that didn't seem to have the heart, we KNEW it was going to happen.  But dawn today still seems a little bit surreal as I watch the celebrations in Mayfair and on Broad Street last night.

My friends over at The700Level have great coverage this morning and I encourage you to take a look.  John and I are enjoying the coverage on ESPN and Fox 29.

This team still has a lot to do as it readies for the Devil Rays or BoSox.  Charlie's mom and Shane's grandmother must be laid to rest.  We need to figure out who the third starter it.  We need to think about a right-handed DH.

But right now we can celebrate the Phils and their first trip to the World Series since my brother Matt was 14.  Today's his birthday and this is a fitting present.

Happy Birthday Brother!


Hillary Chybinski said...

Go Phills!! My boys are so excited - the 2 YO can even say Victarino. . .LOL

Lou said...

yeah phillies yeah phillies yeah phillies