Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Apparently Dumbo Was Unavailable

So the Flyers picked someone just as irrelevant and silly to drop the puck at this weekend's season opener at the Wachovia Center.

Sarah Palin.  Yup.  McCain's disastrous choice for veep will be in Philly again.  I can't say I understand what Ed Snider is thinking.  Why in the world would you pick this twit?  Maybe she's into rich old guys.  Ed Snider.  John McCain.  Both old and rich.  Hmmm.

Come on Flyers fans, show your true colors.  Boo your lungs out!!!


Jennifer said...

If the stadium wasn't sold out, I'm sure it is now.
I wonder if Wachovia Center going to change to the Wells Fargo Center...

Hillary Chybinski said...

Are you sure it wasn't really Tina Fey?? LOL

Lou Monaco said...

So much for bi-partisanship! LOL -