Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Hello y'all and Happy Phreakin Phriday!

In case you are one of my visitors checking in from around the globe looking for the Kyla Ebbert photos, I need to tell you that this has been a momentous week here at Another Delco Guy.  The Phils won the National League pennant for the first time in 15 years setting up just their fifth trip to the Fall Classic.  If you don't know what that means, visit our friends at The700Level for a full array of coverage.

In honor of this incredible week, We have a sports-themed Fantastic Four this week.

Who are your four favorite athletes?

You can take this one any way you want, from your favorite current Phils, to your favorite athletes from back in the day, to the four hottest athletes, the four best humanitarian athletes, whatever you want.

  1. Steve Carlton - the quirky, dominant lefty brought the city its only World Series win
  2. Cal Ripken - just kept playing and playing and playing
  3. Chase Utley - he's old school
  4. Ron Jaworski - I remember my dad taking me to Eagles training camp at Widener when i was a kid and this guy was just as affable and approachable then as he seems today on TV

These are the guys that made me the sports fanatic I am today.  Have a great weekend and Go Phils!

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