Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Ready

2964327157_c8f584c166 I've been to the Center City Pep Rally for the Phillies.  I have my Phils NL Champs cap on.  I bought a World Series program, a Daily news and an Inquirer today.  I've read the local sports blogs.  I gotta agree about the friggin cowbells.

I think I am ready.

But the game does not start for another 5 1/2 hours.

One question for the folks out there.  John is 8 and has school tomorrow.  The first pitch is at 8:37 which is after his bedtime.  Now there's no doubt that he is watching some of the game.  My question is just how much I should let him watch.  Any thoughts?


Lou said...

your kidding right...... John would have a pass in my book for the whole game but I think a 5-run lead on either side should do the trick for the pillow.... and anyway, do you really think he is going to get sleep with you in the house.... Seriously? Do You? John - tell your Dad to go out get you some serious snacks to watch the game and make sure you retrive a cold drink for your Dad at the end of each inning... Have a blast and go ! - Lou

gootman said...

8 is about the age that I started remembering my sports memories ('85 Bears Superbowl). Let him stay up to watch it all, the memories he'll have for the rest of his life will make up for the poor nights sleep.

PCole said...

I think he won't be able to stay awake until the end regardless. At least it's not a Yankee game, though -- those things are guaranteed to go four hours apiece. :)

Jennifer said...

Forget school night. I think you should let your son stay up to watch the game for as long as he can. If the Phils win, he'll be so hyped up the lack of sleep won't even phase him at school tomorrow.