Sunday, October 26, 2008

Palin Bails From Sinking Ship

CNN has an interesting report today that criticizes John McCain's choice for VP, Sarah Palin.

The basics are that McCain insiders are 'increasingly frustrated" with Palin's frequent off-message remarks.  You may remember a few weeks back that McCain had to cover up for his running mate's mangling of his Pakistan Policy when someone actually asked her a question about it at what was supposed to be a feel-good event at Tony Luke's.

Now the GOP campaign is upset at what it sees as 'diva' behavior from Palin.  Several McCain aide suggest that the Alaska governor is looking out for herself to the detriment of the overall strategy. 

Palin's aide's defense of the frequent gaffes is damning in its own right, noting that the woman who would be next in line were the 82 year old McCain elected is 'not good' with process questions.  Uhh ok.  If there's a crisis in the Middle East we'll try to keep the process simple for yah Sarah.

The article goes so far as to quote several Palin and McCain aides saying that Palin was 'not ready' to face the press when she was picked to be the potential leader of the free world.

Great.  Just great. 

The guy who picked her really is the source of all this.  You have to question the judgment of a guy who picks some who isn't ready to face the press, let alone terrorists or Wall Street crooks.  McCain's campaign has been a series of embarrassing mis-steps after another and the only reason he's close in the polls is that he is running against a man of mixed race in a sadly still-racist America.

At least the Phils finally won early this morning.

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