Friday, October 17, 2008

Phillies Phever = Insane Ticket Prices

2461623892_56fa5233d7I know it's been 15 years since a World series in this town.  I also know from  economics class that pent up demand for a product or service results in increased prices.

That being said, these Phillies World Series ticket prices are INSANE!  $525 each for standing room?  Actual butt in seat prices starting at $558?  It's no better over on Craigslist, where pairs are going for $1300 each.

I've already resigned myself that the best I will be able to do for the home games is a seat at McFadden's.  Maybe.  My son seems to understand that the ticket prices are outrageous and there won't be a repeat of the good luck we had for the clincher.

If the Rays make the Series, not certain after the Mets impersonation their bullpen did last night, it's going to be cheaper to book a Southwest flight and score a pair of face value tickets to the tomb filled with cowbell ringers in St. Pete.  I mean these guys trap off half the upper deck and call it a sellout when they get 34,000 into a dome that holds 45,000.

The Phils have a place that holds 44,000 and stuff in 46,000 or 47,000 by selling the SRO tickets.  In Boston, things aren't even as crazy as they are here in terms of ticket prices.  There you can buy a World Series ticket to notoriously tight Fenway Park for a mere $495. 

What a bargain!

Go Phils


PCole said...

What's the list price on those seats?

Chris said...

Face value on the SRO at Citizens Bank Park is $40. $50 for upper level.

Lou Monaco said...

Hey - I just got two standing room only tickets - wanna go - my treat.....

Chris said...

Stop teasing me!