Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ready for Game Two

I'm sitting in my brother's living room at 3447, where I have probably watched more baseball than any other single place on earth. 

As a child, this was the room where I watched Phillies pre-season games with my grandfather when I was 'home sick' from school.  I watched about a million Sunday afternoon games with the late afternoon sun slanting through the picture window, all but obscuring the image on the giant wooden console television.  I became a fan of Harry Kalas and developed my hatred of Chris Wheeler right here.

On the day my brother Matt was born, October 16, 1979 I remember John 'The Candy Man' Candelaria blanked Jim Palmer and the Baltimore Orioles while my sister Carin slept on the couch in this very room.  I brought my grandfather several Genny Cream Ales.  I didn't drink a drop.

Tonight, I am confident that the "Good Brett' Myers will show up and the Phils big bats will wake up to take a 2-0 lead on the Rays in St. Pete.  The cowbells will again be silenced.  Thanks to Heidi for the great dinner of chicken, excellent potatoes and green beans!

My grandfathers will be smiling.  It is altogether fitting and proper that I should be here tonight.


Lou said...

A man after my own heart - the true meaning of being a fan is remembering what brought you to be a fan in the first place - great post!

Matt P said...

I bet Grandpop would have had a few words for the ump last night.