Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well That Sucked

I can't believe that Major League Baseball let that game go on last night.  Yeah I know they didn't want to call it and have the Phils win a tainted World Series title, but to let it go on in a complete monsoon was ridiculous and dangerous.

I know that fans are angry, and so are the players, but I am in the odd position of being happy.  since I am out of town, MLB's moronic decision making process last night will give me the chance to perhaps be in town when the rains let up on Wednesday.  Regardless, I'll be home for the parade.

There is a god and he wants me to see the Phils win the world series in person.


PCole said...

No game tonight either, so you never know, could happen!

Hillary said...

Tonight should be it - despite the frigid blasting wind. . .go Phills!!