Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Quiet Sunday

Ellie is 2!
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We're taking it easy here today, resting up from our night of parties last night.

John and I are watching the Eagles and looking over the photos from Ellie's birthday party last night. We all had a great time last night and if John was 100%, they would have slept over. We'll have to wait until Santa comes to Swarthmore in two weeks.

It was a great party with Carin's usual amazing array of goodies. We took a few hours to head over to my 20th high school reunion. It was fun to see how much some of the guys have changed and how much some have stayed the same. We had a little re-enactment of the lunch table from 20 years ago, with Chris Kopko, Mike Dougherty and I sitting and talking for a long time.

The Doghouse looks great and the bar area was where most of the guys hung out talking about the old days and comparing notes on marriages, kids, jobs and the like. All of the photos and memorabilia really brought back some great memories. I was gratified to hear a number of times that I was told that I look the same. Many of these guys are in sales and obviously lie well.

It was good to see Coach Moke, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Mooney and Mrs. Keenan join the Class of 88 last night. A special shout out to John McCabe for driving the 9.5 hours from Knoxville, TN to be the guy who came the furthest for the party. We left before things got rowdy, but I think the guys may have been there later than the published 11pm ending time.


single mom seeking said...

I just found you through What a sweet photo!!
And you're amazing: two car accidents in one day... followed by a kid birthday party. What a way to keep going!

Cavalier92 said...

thanks for visiting SMS. It's been quite a week, but today was a welcome respite!