Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't We Postpone?

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?  Not ready for the holidays?  Terrified by the approaching traffic jams around retail outlets?

I sure as hell am.

I'm not sure if it's the current economic crisis, the extra duties at work, my own empty bank account or what, but I am NOT looking forward to the next 5 weeks.  Yeah I'll enjoy the time with family and friends, gathered around the fire watching the Eagles suck, but it's the preparation I dread.

Decorate outside, decorate inside, put up the tree, fluff it up, ornaments, clean clean clean, shop shop shop, bake cookies, buy gifts for the people you thought weren't on the list but got you a cheese wheel.  Wrap up the cheese wheel for the next door neighbor who just showed up smiling.  It's the spirit, not the actual gift right?

I didn't manage to actually get home from work until 7 last night, but as I was coming down 38 I saw the first real sign of the holiday season.  Lines off the highway to get into the Moorestown mall parking lot. 

I'm just not ready


Matt P said...

scrooge mcgrinch.

PCole said...

Can't argue with you, Chris. Too much going on, too little time, too little money and too much stress.