Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

First Snow!
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While you can't really see it in the photo, there IS snow falling in the Philadelphia region today, causing slick roads and as much as 3 inches in some of the western suburbs.  It's been a wild weather week for me, from a record high temperature of 93 in Los Angeles on Saturday to snow and biting wind today.

So today's Friday Fantastic Four will be weather related:

What are your favorite things about the weather where you live?

1. Leaves turning
2. The first snowfall
3. Indian Summer
4. The earthy dampness that you can smell after spring rainstorms

Everybody have a great weekend and enjoy the snow!!!!

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Hillary Chybinski said...

yes - it is QUITE the winter wonderland here in Montgomery County, just over the Philly border. You hit my faves:
1. Changing of leaves
2. First real ground-covering snowfall (like last night)
3. The first crisp green day of spring - when the daffodils pop out and the sky is blue
4. Warm fall days - it's pretty outside but you don't need a coat yet - just a sweater.