Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

A regular reader has reminded me that it is Friday and thus there should be a Fantastic Four post.  I considered taking the day off.  Based on the roads in South Jersey, everyone else did.  But my duty to my hundreds - err uhh - dozens umm more like several loyal readers has won out.

Since many of us are now sitting on the couch recovering from Thanksgiving, or like me, recovering from collateral effects of living near a mall, I will go with a Thanksgiving theme today.

What are your four favorite things about Thanksgiving?

  1. That it's a non-religious, or at least a-religious holiday.  No pressure to get up early and get to church or anything.
  2. That it's entirely permissible to say "I'm gonna get me some dark meat today!"
  3. That I've got Friday off!
  4. That America has turned yet another holiday into an orgy of gluttony, televised sports and shopping.

Go have a turkey sandwich!  And get me one while you're at it

1 comment:

Hillary Chybinski said...

I have to say - I am a big Thanksgiving fan. . .it's sad that it gets so lost between halloween and christmas.
my faves are:
1. dinner at my parents' house with family.
2. hearing what my boys are thankful for (they both said their family this year)
3. leftovers - my mom sends home a nice pan full of goodies.
4. no pressure to buy anything
glad you enjoyed yours and the day-after. peace to you and yours.