Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Skipping Amateur Night

On one of the biggest drinking nights of the year, I am happily ensconced at home, waiting for the rib eye roast to finish up and sipping a nice Cabernet.  In what can only be observed as an obvious sign of advancing maturity, I have decided to forgo the insanity and the DUI checkpoints and spend the night before Thanksgiving at home.

After a long day that saw my kids kids head off to Maine for the holiday, a bunch of typical work crap and series of negotiations that saw my CR-V finally returned, I'm actually happy not to be headed out into the maelstrom.  While I would enjoy seeing Mr. Greengenes and all my friend at McFadden's, this is more what I need.

Tomorrow I'll sleep late, eat a big breakfast, set my fantasy lineup and then spend some time at both Arlene's and Carin's houses.  I may even entertain watching a few minutes of the Eagles.  I'll make my traditional Thanksgiving post for all of my readers and try to shake my recent spate of melancholy. 

Time to check on the roast.  Have a great night and be safe!

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