Sunday, November 16, 2008

The View From Jim Rockford's Trailer

We're having a late lunch at the Paradise Cove Beach Café, which was in a previous life The Sandcastle. Fans of The Rockford Files will remember that Jim's trailer was parked in the parking lot of The Sandcastle.

Today we made the pilgrimage to find that only a few reminders are still in evidence, but it's still an amazing spot. We walked the pier, had a beer and now it's time to eat! The View From Jim Rockford's Trailer


MIkeG said...

As you can see a storm several years back, 89' I think, the pier was shortened by about half!!

Chris said...

Yeah - that was a tiny bit disappointing, but the whole place is so different from the way it was in the 70s that we just looked for a few of the natural features that were familiar.

Mike Janos said...

Chris & Mike - Hi Guys! I'm in Baltimore. I come to LA twice each year for vacation. last week, I visited Paradise Cove for first time. What a delightful place! My friends & I sat at booth in resaurant where Jim Garner sat for lunch in episode "Profit or Loss". The booth was second inside Northwest corner of building with window allowing full view of cliffs. I believe the ivy covered bath house at foot of cliffs by white staircase is not the actual site of the trailer. I believe the trailer was parked at very edge of parking lot almost directly opposite the Northwest corner of the restaurant. But you may recall from the episodes that there were 2 small buildings adjacent to the trailer and nestled right at the foot of the cliffs. The first building was white with a small steeple. If I'm not mistaken, that building is still there. The bath house is next to that one, followed by the white staircase that leads to top of cliffs. I believe the staircase may also have been in many of the shots. Any feedback or confirmations from anyone would be gratly appreciated. Please email me that you replied to this post. Other wise, I probably won't know about your reply. Thanks a lot, folks. Mike Janos (super fan of Rockford Files and lover of Los Angeles)

Chris said...

Mike -
I've since been told that the trailer was on what is now sand to the NW of the building in the corner of the parking lot near the building with the steeple.
None of the buildings, nor the stairs are the same ones from the Rockford Files era.
The beach is a lot shorter than it was in those days, and there is a lot less parking lot, which kind of tricks the eye.
Thanks for stopping by!

Marc said...

Does anyone knows when the trailer was removed?

Jeff Carlson said...

The trailer was only there during the original location shooting(s) . . . it was basically a gutted prop and interior shots were done on a separate soundstage set.