Saturday, November 01, 2008


IMG_6440 Yesterday was quite a day.  I ran hither and yon, picking John up in the Pine Barrens, both of us driving into Center City in what was really a very normal commute given that 2 million other folks were headed to town.  We had some fun with the UArts folks and hung out on the steps of Hamilton Hall basking in the sunlight of the best fall day in memory.

The crowd was raucous but well behaved save one small incident that Philadelphia Police handled perfectly.  The brawlers were identified, cuffed and taken away in paddy wagons as the crowd chanted "ASSHOLES."  The arresting officers were warmly cheered by throngs along the 300 block of South Broad Street.

Fans climbed trees, lampposts and fences, vamped, ran nearly naked on Broad Street, drank champagne, wore crowns and silly hats and generally enjoyed themselves as they packed the sidewalks 8 deep.  As the parade wound toward us, the excitement level ramped up and chants of "Let's Go Phils!" drowned out the band playing on Pine Street.

After what seemd to be an interminable procession of helicopters, tow trucks, the media, motorcycle cops, segways, horses and police cars, The Budweiser Clydesdales pulled Pat Burrell, his hot wife and Elvis thought the ecstatic screaming throng who at that moment whould have personally paid him $15 million per year for 4 years.  It ain't happening and this would mark his brightest moment as a Phil, but it was nice to see the fans acknowledge his years with us.

We saw Harry the K, Bill Giles,   the Phanatic, J-Roll, Lidge and Howard, the Mayor with the trophy and random people we didn't know.  And then they were gone and we were left to hug and high-five each other and smile for the camera and wonder what do we do next.  Many folks joined the throngs behind the parade and walked the 3.5 miles down to the stadiums. 

John and I had a cheesesteak and talked about how great this day was.

We cheered our heroes and took our pictures and held each other, trying to imprint the moment in our memories forever.  And we held open our hopes for more parades.  In January and April and next October.


PCole said...

I wasn't in town in 1991 when the Twins won the World Series -- I had to celebrate at college with a bunch of people who either didn't care or were Braves fans. But in 1987, man, it was cold as heck and I was on the third floor of a parking garage with my camera and one roll of black and white film. The only way I could see was by lying on the pavement with my head stuck out the gap between the parking deck and the cement barrier.
I saw those pictures as I was packing up the house this summer. Wish I had more. What an awesome time that was around here.
I'd forgotten what parking garage it was until this summer, when Elizabeth and I went to a Twins game and we ended up parked inthe same place.

Chris said...

Sounds like you need to get those photos scanned and posted!
I'm very lucky in that my job provides ma parking place on block off Broad Street that is gated and guarded. We were able to drive in and park with no trouble and get out pretty easily afterward as well.
During the parade itself, we were able to stand at the top of a flight of granite steps which put us right at the level of the players, if a bit further away from the action. University security guards were keeping the steps clear of folks who they decided didn't belong there.
The 65 degree temperature, as well as our protected vantage point made it a great day for an 8 year old. And his dad!

PCole said...

Well, when I get into a house and get everything unpacked ...

JimmyDelco said...

This sound perfect!! I am so happy for you and John. He is such an awesome fan!!! It is wonderful that you two were able to be together and see this. He will tell his grandkids about this day. Nice Job, CP.